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Every buyer wants to feel confident about their home buying experience. They want to have things unfold smoothly and culminate in a successful outcome within a sensible amount of time. If buyers simply follow some standard steps, they will find these expectations met and exceeded.

  • The first step in the buying process should begin with financing. Make sure you know about your credit reports and what financial history they reveal. This information plays an important role in the mortgage approval process. For example, the credit score has a strong influence on the interest rate offered for your loan.
  • Next, find out more about the mortgage company and process. Learning about the company will help you to identify the right mortgage resources. You may identify one of the best resources in a local, full service, Realtor.  Such as if a  Realtor  has expert knowledge and partners with the best mortgage lenders  Here at Everest Realty we make sure you get set up with the right type of loan and the right lender.We help you determine how much  you can afford, and help you get pre-approved for a mortgage in these first steps. In fact, Everest Realty always has  your best interests in mind through every step of the buying process.
  • Your loan pre-approval represents another must in propelling the buying process to a smooth conclusion. It arms you and your Realtor team with documentation of loan acceptance. Upon contact with a seller, for example, the documentation allows your offer to receive serious consideration versus another that may have no confirmation of financing.
  • Work with your full service, expert realtor. Everest Realty knows every important details about the real estate market. Let Everest Realty  help you identify the right available  homes based on your wants and needs. Allow us to work tirelessly for you to find the perfect home, help you formulate an offer and close on the home.

The right expertise makes all the difference in the right outcome when buying a home. Not every realtor or realtor team offers full service handling. We do. From the smallest questions to the biggest decisions you must make in the process, we relish each opportunity to help, and make buying a home one of your best success stories. You will find Everest Realty meticulously thorough with every step, start to finish!