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Important Steps in Selling Your Real Estate

Sellers want their home selling experience to be an uncomplicated, successful one. Selling a  home, like any other involves some important, steps. If sellers follow these steps, they should have no trouble seeing their expectations met.

  • If you are going to become a seller, make sure you contact a Realtor with plenty of experience and ideas. Everest Realty will help you prepare a comprehensive plan that will help you identify the general process and outcome you desire. Naturally, that plan will include how much you want to price your home. This is something we do together.
  • Choosing the right Real Estate expert to help you list and sell the home is not as easy as it sounds. As you do your research, look for a full service Realtor  with an expanded reach into all markets. Agents at Everest Realty  view their responsibility to you as more than just a fiduciary responsibility. We view it as a partnership. As a result, we keep a close watch over your best interests. Our Realtors apply an expert knowledge of the area and real estate market. We gear up to help you sell your home with the best outcome from start to finish.  We are the best at helping our clients reason through the issues by facing any and all issues with competent and experienced ideas.
  • Settle on the right selling price. Let your us help you determine the right selling price for your home. This is something we do together. It is your home and we are simply  apart of the partnership. There is more that goes into pricing a home than looking at a market analysis.
  • We only list a customers home for 90 days. This allows a home owner to completely control their future. Too many home sellers get caught in lengthy listing contracts to find out that their agent and/or agency does not live up to their expectations. We would not sign a contract like that and would not expect our customers to do the same. After you see what Everest Realty agents are capable of when marketing your home you will understand why the 90 days rarely is an issue.
  • You may want to consider having a pre-home inspection. This has become more necessary now than ever before.
  • You should make sure your Real Estate agent can help with detailed advice and resources for preparing and staging your home. Make sure they can set up an open house, and offer advice with resource information on any repairs or renovation needed.
  • Your Real Estate expert should have a wide reach for marketing your home to draw in interested buyers. The Realtor of your choice has the best equipment and applies the latest techniques to capture optimum exterior and interior pictures of your home. These pictures and the home’s details then get marketed in every relevant media.

We are Real Estate experts who perform as your partner through every step of the home selling process. We tirelessly work to make sure your expectations are not only met but exceeded. As your Real Estate company, Everest Realty will  aggressively market your home locally and on the internet.